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Roof repairs for leaks from cracked roof tiles?
If you can hear water dripping inside your roof from a roof leak, or its starting to drip from a nail in the plaster ceiling, or if a roof leak stain is starting to form on your ceiling it's really important to drill a hole in your ceiling to let the water through especially if there is a heavy rainstorm. You can do this easily with a screwdriver or an implement from your kitchen but be careful! This stops the roof leak water from spreading across the top of the plaster ceiling to other areas and just might stop your electric lights from fusing. Roof leak water from a tiled roof is usually a dirty brown colour so its easy to see if it’s a roof problem or another type of plumbing issue. Roof leaks can start from cracked tiles but also roof skylights and roof flashings that might be corroded have started to leak.
  • Full roof repair service for terracotta tiled roofs to include repointing, all flashings, skylights and box gutter replacement.
  • Full roof restoration for cement tiled roofs to include pressure cleaning and re coating.
  • Not just Roof Leaks!

Free Roof Inspection and Free Quote

This is how Everything Roofing handles your roof work enquiry
  • We investigate the roof leak - outside and inside
  • Take photographs of the problem area and show them to you
  • Carry out a full roof inspection - no cost to you
  • Give you a free quote for the roof leak and free quote for any other work that needs to be done
  • If we get the job, we take photos of the work done for your records.
When attending to roof leaks in Melbourne we find that because a lot of houses are sited under trees there is a build up of new leaf debris and sometimes composted leaves and twigs accumulating around the downpipes exits, get stuck under tiles where they meet the flashings around skylights, and can block any of the flashings on your roof. It’s important to keep these areas clean so they don’t cause any roof leak problems but we know that’s difficult. So when we visit to fix a roof leak for you we will check over the rest of the roof to make sure there are no other issues. If we find anything that might cause another roof leak then we’ll take a quick photo of it for you, and give you a quote to stop the problem. Even if you want a full roof painting Melbourne job or a high pressure cleaning Melbourne job for your driveway or commercial premises we can help out!


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Roof leak repairs Melbourne
Leaking Roof Repairs Melbourne

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roof moss cleaning removal
Heavy Infestations of Lichens
Be also aware that in a heavy rain storm a thick growth of lichen on your tiles will stop water draining from your roof causing roof leaks. The lichens grow in the space between the tiles and block the drain channels. This will result in leaking and rotting roof timbers! These kind of roof leaks are usually quite small and probably won’t do much damage inside but as I just mentioned this can cause rotting timbers. There are a couple of ways to sort this out. We can either use a high pressure water roof cleaner to remove the lichen, or a biodegradable, environmentally friendly biocide to do the job. Pressure cleaning is not so good if the tiles are old, however our soft wash system will remove the lichen but is slower. Fill out our enquiry form and we’ll give you all the options - CALL NOW!
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