Roof Flashing Leak Repairs in Melbourne

There are lots of potential parts of your roof that can leak and cause serious damage to your roof and ceiling and these are roof flashing leaks. Roof flashings are usually metal and are placed where the roof changes angles or where the roof material meets a vertical surface like a chimney. Corrosion and dirt are the main enemies of roof flashings as the metals can easily decay with age or become blocked with leaf litter.
Year ago roof flashings were made from lead and as we know today lead can dissolve into water making environmentally unfriendly. So what do we do about flashing leaks? Usually we have no choice but to replace the leaking flashing.
Sometimes this is as simple as an L shaped piece of zincalume or as complex as a new roof valley. If a valley leaks you could be in for a soaking as valleys collect a load of run off from your roof and channel it into the gutters so roof leak potential is high, even on a new roof valley flashing if its not installed correctly. Gutter leaks can also mean corrosion in your gutters, causing roofing issues and gutter cleaning might be a good idea as well. Even if you want a full roof restoration Melbourne job we can help


Picture below shows new zincalume valley

Roof valley replacement Melbourne

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Below shows a simple flashing set to shed water from wall on to roof tiles. The issue with this one was that there were leaks under the down pipe with the volume of water at this point.
roof flashing repairs melbourne